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Company profile

Shenzhen Guangning Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, headquartered in Shenzhen Science and Technology Park, state-level high-tech enterprises, the National Torch Program Software Industry Base and “ 11th Five-Year Plan ” Shenzhen Construction Technology Advanced Unit, Nanshan Leading Enterprise, with the industry fifth-class qualification, Shenzhen Industry “ comprehensive ranking No. One ”。

Guangning is a professional system integrator dedicated to intelligent city, intelligent lighting, intelligent building and intelligent logistics. Rich engineering management experience, extreme innovation and wisdom sharing, from independent research and development of core technology, scheme design to operation and maintenance implementation, from overall framework design to system solution, from integrated management platform to project construction management, make us the leader of excellent service providers in the industry.

Guangning shares won the industry's highest award "Luban Award for China's Construction Project", won 8 National Engineering awards, 29 provincial awards, 5 national invention patents, 20 utility model patents, 24 software copyrights; picture and video processing technology, remote intelligent control system, intelligent sensor chip, intelligent logistics packaging The core technologies such as backup system have been keeping the leading position in the industry.