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In order to achieve "light and shadow, swaying and charming Huanghua", Guangning has been working hard!

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In order to achieve "light and shadow, swaying and charming Huanghua", Guangning has been working hard!

Recently, for the huanghua municipal administration bureau's intelligent landscape lighting project, the guaning stock held an accelerated meeting, on the huanghua municipal lighting work on the details of communication and confirmation, for the huanghua municipal lighting work to further improve the overall clear thinking and direction.

In order to enhance the night scene effect of huanghua and improve the happiness of citizens, the intelligent landscape lighting of main streets, buildings, parks and other areas of huanghua is improved to add luster to the city image and truly realize the "charm of huanghua and coastal strong cities".

The company organizes each department elite team huang hua's design scheme to review

The chairman of the company leads the team to investigate related suppliers

The leaders of the park management office of nanhai park, together with related colleagues and related personnel of guangning stock lighting department, conducted site surveys in nanhai park and communicated relevant details.


The chairman of the committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), together with the national bureau of horticulture and the municipal administration bureau, will discuss the future of huanghua. Work together to make wong's nights more and more beautiful, and let the public's nightlife more and more colorful.

At the same time, the team sent by guangning stock visited all parts of the country and inspected the supplier's lighting products.


The vice President of the company sits in the project department of huanghua project, and the designer stays up all night to make plans and effect drawings.

The whole huanghua smart landscape lighting project mainly follows and embodies the design principles of ecological environmental protection, local conditions, people-oriented, low-carbon energy saving, lighting safety and economy.

Based on the overall analysis of the characteristics of urban form, economic status, citizens' habits, urban color and the characteristics of lighting carriers, the image of urban night lighting in huanghua is positioned, and the detailed design effect and construction plan are determined.