Good news | Nanchong light project completion and acceptance once passed

Good news | Nanchong light project completion and acceptance once passed

  • 2018-11-06

Good news | Nanchong light project completion and acceptance once passed

(Summary description)OntheeveningofOctober25,2018,Haoyuewasintheskyandthewindwasclear.TheBrightBinjiangRoadProjectinNanchongwasofficiallylaunchedforcompletionandacceptance.Atsixo'clockonOctober25th,ourlampsandlanternsareb

  • 2018-11-06

On the evening of October 25, 2018, Haoyue was in the sky and the wind was clear. The Bright Binjiang Road Project in Nanchong was officially launched for completion and acceptance.

At six o'clock on October 25th, our lamps and lanterns are basically perfect and the whole line is lit up.

At 7 p.m. on October 25, the acceptance team composed of District Construction Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Quality Supervision Station, Financial Evaluation (Audit), Design Unit, Supervision Unit and so on, embarked on a vast journey, carried out on-site acceptance of the whole line lighting, gathered at 8 p.m., and summarized the on-site acceptance situation.

At the meeting, the project construction report was carried out: the project is time-intensive, heavy tasks, but we overcome all difficulties, perfect lighting effect, complete construction information, on-site self-inspection qualified, application for acceptance; design unit representatives; quality supervision station; owner representatives; Construction Bureau leaders (owners representatives) summary: Nanchong Binjiang City Road Bright Project, last year, came into the arena, time constraints, time constraints, heavy tasks, but presented the effect: perfect! After more than eight months of trial operation, the project is running very well, thanks to the hard work of the participating units. Agree to check!

The acceptance report was signed in time.

The number of bright projects on Binjiang Road is large, the construction front is long, the points are scattered and the site is complex. Most of them are working at high altitude. Safety is the first and prevention is the main.

Quality is paramount.

There are strict requirements for the progress and the management of the more than 200 Party's construction team.

Working overtime at night is a necessity.

Has won many praise and affirmation.

Next, the project department will continue to do its job well, improve project information, maintain the normal operation of the project, and strive to promote the start and implementation of new projects, to add luster to more places.

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